1999 Turkey Tour Itineray

An abbreviated summary of some of the more interesting aspects of the trip.

Thanks to Lori, Bob and Lucian for the list

For sure there's a few gaps but hopefully all pertinent and relative data will be fully and accurately refined, updated, enhanced with links before the next eclipse!
1. Saturday 7-31
a. Arrive aboard Sultan-A and Olympus at Bodrum
b. Sleep across from the throbbing disco
2. Sunday 8-1
a. TV coverage
b. 12:05 pm. Olympus departs Bodrum
c. 12:10 pm. Sultan.A departs Bodrum
d. 1:04 pm. N 36:54'44.6" E 027:19'43.4" enroute
e. 1:52 pm N 37:00'19.4" E 027:13'11.8"
f. 5:40 pm. Depart swimming area
g. 6:10 pm. N 37:00'19.5" E 027:13'11.1"
h. 6:30 pm. Molly is taken ashore for bar supplies
i. 8:00 pm. Molly makes her first pitcher
j. 8:40 pm. Dinner is served
3.Monday 8-2
a. 6:20 am. Depart Yalikavak
b. 6:22 am. N 37:03'23.7" E 027:114'00.8"
c. 8:29 am. N 37:20"54.3" E 027:16'37.0"
d. 8:35 am. Raft up at Altinkum for a swim and breakfast
e. Most of us go ashore to tour Didyma and Miletus
f. 10:00 am. N 37:20'35.2" E 027:16'38.0"
g. 10:00 am. Depart Altinkum - Molly rides aboard Sultan-A
h. 3:15 pm. Arrive at Kusadasi
i. Tourists of Didyma and Miletus rejoin the ships
j. Coin op laundry available at the marina
k. Impromptu dance contest
4. Tuesday 8-3
a. 8:15 am. Depart marina on the blue bus
b. 8:45 am. Tour Ephesus - 2 hours
c. 12:10 pm. Sultan.A departs Bodrum
d. 11:45 am.  Tour other ruins
e. Also tour Virgin Mary's house before noon
f. 1:40 pm. Return to Kusadasi marina
g. 2:39 pm. N 37:52'14.3" E 027:15'39.9"
h. 2:40 pm. Depart Kusadasi
i. Rougher than usual seas - a few white caps
j. 5:01 pm. N 38:00'59.5 E 026:55'05.6" enroute
k. 7:19 pm. N 38:08'27.8 E 026:35'30.3"
l. 7:25 pm. Raft up together in a little cove - swimming and snorkeling
m. Best star gazing of the trip
5. Wednesday 8-4
a. 9:10 am. Depart our little cove
b. 10:05 am. Find scientists hiding in the rocks
c. 10:20 am. Depart archaeological dive site
d. 10:22 N 39:08'06.1" E 026:30'55.9"
e. 1:30 pm. Arrive at Cesme
f. Four of us take Turkish baths
g. Several of us dine at the Penguen Restaurant
6. Thursday 8-5
a. 9:50 am. Already underway
b. 11:21 am. N 39:04'05.6" E 026:53'04.1"
c. 11:30 am. Arrive somewhere
d. 11:40 am. Depart on blue bus for our first tour with Memet
e. 12:15 pm. Tour ruins surrounded by military tanks - one hour
f. 3:30 pm. Tour Pergamon - one hour
g. 5:00 pm.Tour the Red Hall
h. 7:00 pm.Rug Shopping!
i. 8:10 pm. Find ships waiting at Kucukkuyu
j. 8:23 pm. N 39:32'44.5" E 026:35'12.3"
7. Friday 8-6
a. 9:00 am. Already underway
b. 9:41 am. N 40:02'27.4" E 026:17'17.2" enroute
c. 10:10 am. Observed government boarding of container ship
d. 11:08 am N 40:09'01.5" E 026:24'03.6"
e. 11:45 am.. Tricky docking at Canakkale
f. 11:55 am. Depart on the Blue Bus
g. Lunch at a Hotel
h. 2:20 pm. Tour Troy - one hour
i. 3:55 pm. Arrive at ferry back at Canakkale
j. 4:10 pm. Watch ferry leave without us
k. 4:30 pm. Board smaller ferry - half hour crossing
l. 5:20 pm. Enter Dardenelles war memorials area
m. 6:40 pm. Depart Dardenelles war memorials area
n. 7:25 pm. Find our ships in Galipolu at the ferry terminal N 40:24'16.2" E 026:40'08.5"
o. 8:06 Draw a crowd of local people to watch Americans party
p. Sultan-A takes a chunk out of poor Olympus at the dock
8. Saturday 8-7
a. 11:30 am. Anchor for lunch N 40:58'37.6" E 027:31'41.2"
b. Jellyfish are everywhere, we all decline a stop for swimming
c. 5:30 pm. First use of a sail, a jib on each ship
d. 8:20 Sultan-A arrives at Atkoy Marina, Istanbul. Olympus arrives 10 minutes later
e. 8:39 pm. N 40:58'18.9" E 027:31'41.2"
f. Passengers Kim and Steve join the Olympus for the seconf half of fun
9. Sunday 8-8
a. 9:15 am. Depart the marina on the Blue Bus
b. 10:00 am. Tour the Blue Mosque
c. 11:15 am. Tour Topkapi Palace
d. 12:40 pm. Rug shopping oppourtunity/check out the Grand Bazaar
e. 3:40 pm. Tour Haggia Sophia
f. 4:40 pm. Take the bridge across the Bosphorous to Asia
g. 5:30 pm. Traffic jam at the bazaar
h. 6:05 pm. Enter Sile
i. 6:30 pm. Arrive at Sile wharf, no name bar, no ships, fort with face
j. 8:10 pm. Sunset and ships arrive
k. 8:30 pm. laundry sorting party
10. Monday 8-9
a. John is the last to see the moon over the fort with the face
b. 6:35 am. Depart Sile
c. 4:10 pm. Attempt to anchor at Zonguldak
d. 4:35 pm. Depart Zonguldak due to industrial fumes
e. 5:25 pm. Dolphin encounter on Sultan-A
f. 6:36 pm. N 41:27'19.8" E 013:39'32.0"
g. 7:25 pm. Arrive somewhere
11. Tuesday 8-10
a. 8:45 am. Depart somewhere
b. 8:46 am. N 41:27'19.8" E 031:47'10.4"
c. 9:15 pm. More dolphins pass nearby
d. 1:00 pm. Arrive in Amasra N 41:44'53.2" E 032:47'10.4"
e. Swimming in harbor - anti-Bob demonstrates sailing prowess
f. 2:25 pm Dan's eclipse briefing
g. predicted first contact - 12:56 pm.
h. predicted second contact (totality) 2:21 pm.
i. predicted duration 2:06 to 2:12 minutes
j. 5:20 pm Turks in costume anchor briefly nearby
k. More dolphins sighted in harbor
l. 6:10 pm. Ships move from anchorage to wharf
m. Several of us find the hamburger restaurant for dinner
n. Others make their way to a lovely waterfront Seafood Restaurant
12. Wednesday 8-11 ECLIPSE DAY!
a. 5:35 am. Depart Amasra
b. Sunrise over coastal hills
c. 8:55 am. Arrive at Cide N 41:54'05.0" E 032:43'03.1"
d. 11:30 am. Mayor of Cide boards Olympus for fun and photos
e. 11:45 am. Depart Cide into the Black Sea
f. Pro Bob and Meltem remain on shore
g. 1:00 pm. First contact has passed
h. 2:13 pm. N 42:00'12.5" E 032:43'20.0"
i. 2:19 pm. Totality! for a bit more than 2 minutes
j. Champagne for everyone!
k. 3:40 pm. Arrive at Kurucasile - fourth (last) contact - bye-bye
l. 4:35 pm. Pro Bob arrives with Meltem
m. Swimming in harbor - anti-Bob shows off (again!) how to sail board
n. 7:55 pm. Sunset
13. Thursday 8-12
a. Depart very early, motor west all day, approx 18 hours total
b. Turkish fighter jets buzz overhead, we are too close to their firing range
c. 5:20 pm. Stop to take a swim in the Black Sea
d. 5:30 Olympus catches up and starts swimming
e. 5:40 pm. Sultan-A hoists sails, Olympus shipmates still in water
f. 5:45 pm. Finally turn off engines
g. 6:05 pm. Restart engines
h. 8:43 pm. Observe massive power failure in Kefken on land-whole coastline goes dark
i. 9:00 pm. Paddelboat arrives with bread
j. 9:10 pm. Bread is transferred between ships as we move
k. Arrive again in Sile
14. Friday 8-13
a. 9:35 am. Pro Bob takes a group shout of the Olympus
b. 10:35 am Depart Sile
c. Melissa rides aboard the Olympus with camcorder
d. 1:15 pm. Anchor for a final swim and lunch somewhere in the Bosphorus
e. 2:30 pm. Depart swimming area
f. 3:35 pm. Pass under bridge we crossed over on Blue Bus
g. 3:55 pm Pass Topkapi and Blue Mosque
h. 5:00 pm Arrive again at the Istanbul Marina
i. Ali meets us with photos and tomorrowa paper
j. 5:40 David takes group photo of Sultan-A
k. Dinner on the town
15. Saturday 8-14
a. Time to depart for most passengers
b. A few decide to stick around to see more of Istanbul
c. If they stay more than 2 days, they're in for a BIG surprise

Turkey Tour 99