to the Official Website of the greatest vacation 33 people ever had. This site is for everyone who participated and if you have pictures or a message you would like to add feel free to e-mail Jim Heck.

If a name below is underlined or in yellow, that indicates there are pictures or a story from that person.

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New! Pics from Larry Tenorio , -check them out!

Laurie, Lucian & Bob Wolf did an amazing job on our itinerary , may need a few spaces filled in, but do YOU remember this much detail? Check it out!

Coming someday (hint)- pics and STORIES from Peter Midnight Dan Oppliger as the greatest vacation 33 people ever had just keeps going, and going, and going....

Total Eclipse by crew member Pamela Roco!

Leaving Cide just after dawn by Tim Hoffman

A Very Cool Picture of the Eclipse from Mir-Space Station

Official Mr. Eclipse Home - Best Eclipse photos on the web

The Cast of the Olympus:

Mary Sue Dickinson: ZimZima12@aol.com

Ray Feldman: rayfel@hooked.net

Kim Harrison: harrison@covad.com

Stephen Harrison: sharrison@telepacific.com

Jim/Anne Heck : jim@photoheck.com

Tim Hoffman: s.acura@ix.netcom.com

Rich Leres: oakrich@yahoo,com

Peggy McMahan: p_mcmahan@lbl.gov

Molly McMahan: mam6563@is2.nyu.edu

Sean McMahan

Jane Reece: jbreece@earthlink.net

Laurie Wolf: lwolf@fix.net

Bob Wolf: rswolf@calpoy.edu

Lucian McDermott: 1007@fix,net



This photo was taken by Solvang resident Brian Just on a land tour of the eclipse. Inside the red circle is Venus. It has been accepted by Astronomy Magazine for publication.

The Cast of the Sultana-A:

Bob&Jane Breun: jbreun@madison.tec.wi.us

Diane Debono: ddebono@trilliuminvest.com

John & Lynn Gruver: grub@gene.com

Glen & Evelyn Leinbach: leinbach@frii,com

Peter Midnight: peter@12am.com

Dan Oppliger: tropical@dzn.com

Melissa Oppliger: aggies01@hotmail.com

Mike Pozebanchuk: Mpozeb@aol.com

Pam, Jan, Paul & John Roco: maassing@pacific.net.sg

David Schafer: dschafer@fas.harvard.edu

Mary Anne Tenorio: mtenorio@scilearn.com

Larry Tenorio: LTenorio@northpoint.net


Bodrum with the castle in the background

Of course everyone is concerned and saddened by the monstrous earthquake that has wreaked havoc on our new friends and memories from Turkiye. Our hearts and prayers go out to them.

The American Red Cross is suggested if you would like to make a donation

American Red Cross


Dolma - rice wrapped in spinach - delicious!


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