Larry Tenorio's Pics

(but where's Larry?)

1. The crew got few breaks.

2. Always, Captain Sir!

3. The Main Event, Diamond Ring


4. Guests along side the boats.

5. After leaving the boats behind, our first stop in Istanbul.


6. Kurucasile, after the eclipse.

7. A ladle showing the progress of the eclipse.


8. Obviously, our leader through the Antiquities, at the seven o'clock position.


9. Before Bodrum, we saw the white hillside at Pamukkale


10. Pools along the hillside.

11. The upper site at Pergamon.

12. Experience wind power.

But I am there, I am in the photo of the two guys looking up through the binoculars. Glen is in the foreground, and I'm the one without the shirt. Gotcha!

13. Monitoring the progress of the moon.

14. Arriving at Zonguldak.

Turkey Tour 99